Corporate Donation Matchmaking

Non-profits are often looking to maximise fundraising efforts with corporations. It's certainly an interesting one: why does a company decide to donate to one cause over another? Surely all causes and charities are worthy? 

If you asked this question ten years or so ago, the answers would vary - it might have been Founder/CEO driven, or perhaps 'the early bird would get the worm'.

But, the purpose-driven companies of today are developing corporate donation policies (as well as broader CSR efforts of course) that focus on working with nonprofits in a way that aligns with their values and strategy, and ultimately adds value to one or more of their stakeholder groups - their customers, employees, partners, etc. 

Nonprofits should look for and understand the opportunities where they can do this, and customise their appeals accordingly. Gone are the days of blanket corporate donation requests or one-size-fits-all sponsor schemes. In order to maximise value, nonprofits should understand their potential partners' goals and be proactive in suggesting ways they can work together that makes sense for both the company and nonprofit - which will be different from company to company. This might be monetary, in kind donations, or something else. 

It simply boils down to knowing your target audience (in this case, a potential donor company). Listen and understand them. What they are trying to achieve, what are you trying to achieve, and what opportunities exist where a partnership can help to do both. Create a healthy marriage.

Ashley Walker is Founder & CEO of Culture Engineers. She has previously led community relations including corporate giving, and also has worked with several charitable/nonprofit organisations in regards to fundraising efforts.